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Gifts, Donations and Grants

Nonprofit Status Overview

The Potomac Massage Training Institute is a non-profit501(C)(3) organization under Federal and State code.  As a non-profit, PMTI welcomes and greatly appreciates tax-deductable donations and contributions that can go towards supporting our programs and services.

PMTI is costly to run. Tuition and fees only cover a portion of our expenses. Your generous contribution will help us meet operating costs for this fiscal year. With your support, we can continue to bring the same excellence in education and service to others.

For additional information about contributions, donations, or planned giving, please contact Tam Gelman at tgelman@pmti.org

To submit your donation to PMTI electronically, please click the PayPal button below. 



To donate by mail:

1.    Download the PMTI Contribution Form
2.    Submit the Contribution Form with your check or credit card information to:

Financial Manager
Potomac Massage Training Institute
8380 Colesville Road, Suite 600
Silver Spring, MD  20910

(202) 686-7046




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