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Is Massage Therapy The Right Career For Me?

Massage therapy is a deeply rewarding career that draws many different types of people to want to serve the world in this way.  It is also highly specialized and requires some basic and some out of the ordinary qualities.  As you consider whether massage therapy is the next step for you - 

You might begin by answering these questions: 

  • Do I like helping others?
  • Can I receive help from others?
  • Am I comfortable with skin to skin contact?
  • Do I like working one-on-one?
  • Am I open and non-judgmental about people who are different from me? 
  • Am I energetic and self-motivated?
  • Am I able to work alone and pro-actively promote my own practice?
  • Am I a good, clear communicator? Do I listen well?
  • Have I received and given massage in the past? Do I like doing both?
  • Am I clear about the need to keep my personal, romantic, and intimate relationships separate from my professional massage life?
  • Am I interested in human anatomy and physiology?
  • Am I willing to “pay my dues” my first two years, while improving my professional skills?


If you answer yes to most of these questions you are well on your way to becoming a successful massage therapy student!  Now that you have gotten that far - discover what are important aspects of a good massage therapy training program.  Click Here for How to Select a School.




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