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The Benefits of Receiving Massage

  • Massage can improve injury repair time, mental health and attitude, and performance at all levels. 

  • A typical massage will stretch and loosen muscles and connective tissue, improving blood and lymph flow throughout the body.

According to recent research studies massage therapy has been shown to be effective in:

  • Soothing chronic back pain better than any other complementary therapies.

  • Decreasing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure in stroke patients.

  • Easing post-operative pain.

  • Reducing headache frequency.

  • Easing alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Massage therapy has also been the focus of recent studies on improvements in symptoms of cancer patients. 

  • Following massage therapy, 50% of surveyed cancer patients reported a reduction in symptoms of pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, nausea, and depression.

For more information visit www.amtamassage.org.


Finding the Right Massage Setting for You! 


PMTI offers a variety of ways for you to experience the many benefits of massage therapy.  We have over 2000 graduates working all over the world making a difference in many people’s lives through the power of skilled touch.  Whether you are looking for a massage therapist in your area of work or home, are interested in receiving a massage in our professional or graduate clinics on campus or you would like to participate in our student’s learning process by scheduling your massage in our student clinic, we can help.



For a directory of PMTI graduates who are practicing in your area including the modalities they practice Click Here.



We invite you to take advantage of our massage clinics which are open to the general public by appointment only. Whether you’re visiting us for your first massage or you come to see us on a regular basis, we offer a variety of appointment times each day to accommodate your schedule and to help you have a relaxing experience.

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