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Jennifer Chon


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Balian Springs curates unique wellness journeys for those seeking a meaningful balance between mental, physical, personal, and social wellbeing. This first-of-its-kind daily membership-based Social Wellness Club is designed to transport you to your favorite tropical oasis and includes a luxurious beauty spa, delicious and nutritious eateries, relaxing lounges, healing hydrotherapy pools, detoxifying saunas, and more.
The inspiration for Balian Springs came from a trip to Bali, Indonesia where spirituality, rituals, and traditions harmoniously blend with the social and luxurious aspects of life. In line with the growing market for Social Clubs and community-based wellness programs, Balian Springs will expand on the traditional definition of “self-care,” made accessible for any one looking for a balanced lifestyle.
Balian Springs will be the anchor tenant of the newly constructed Club located at 6432 General Greenway in Alexandria, Virginia, utilizing approximately 100,000sf of the 150,000sf facility. The remaining 50,000sf will be sublet out in Phase 2 of development to transform the entire building into the first-ever Wellness Complex.

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