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We are thrilled to announce the opening of BodyWise Center in Baltimore City early 2020. Together we’re spearheading a larger vision honoring the wisdom of the body and professional collaboration. We will be joining a community of health-minded businesses at the newly renovated Grand Rotunda.
BodyWise Center is an integrative wellness practice committed to seeing the whole person. We approach treatment collaboratively through a body-focused lens. This safe and accepting environment allows for deep healing and transformation for the clients we serve and for our practitioner team. We will have the opportunity to meet weekly and share cases, consult with one another, and benefit from the unique perspectives of our peers.
Phase two of the practice will include a tea house and herb shop that will serve as a community hub, cutting- edge wellness facilities like hyperbaric oxygen, float tanks, infrared saunas, and a movement studio / training facility that will serve as the home base for BodyWise Institute.