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We are looking for talented, genuine and professional massage practitioners to join our team for full and part time positions for deep tissue, integrative and other therapeutic massage work. We are a therapeutic massage and wellness collective focusing on pain relief, injuries, prenatal and postnatal mother care. We offer our team members a strong commission, weekly pay, a healthy and beautiful work environment and supply all materials and laundering services, and necessary PPE at no deduction to practitioners in a COVID19-safe environment. Requirements:
-NCTMB Board Certified
-MD State License or Registration
-Trained in deep tissue and general massage therapy and bodywork, with experience .addressing specific injuries and conditions such as sciatica and neck and shoulder relief.
-Prenatal and Postnatal Bodywork experience a PLUS.
-Willingness to adapt and learn our approach to therapeutic, and postnatal and prenatal body work
-Good draping practices and strong professionalism
-Punctuality is essential
-Good References (Please list along with resume)