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Pamela Moyer


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Happy New Year! We feel good about 2023 and hope you will join us at Eye Street Massage! Do you have the massage skills, communication skills, motivation, and level-headedness to join our team? We are looking for smart therapists who care about their work, are reliable, are coachable, display maturity, and are able to work both independently and as part of a team.

Eye Street Massage Therapy is a down-to-earth group practice a few blocks from the White House. Together, we create a warm communal working environment of shared experiences and support. We have flexible schedules in a relaxed yet professional environment and a lot of support for good therapists.

Therapists who bring their own clientele have the potential for higher earnings.

Suitable candidates must be licensed in DC and have professional liability insurance.

Please provide: background information of education and previous work experience, copy of DC massage license and professional liability insurance, references, and proof of vaccination against covid-19.

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