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Sandra Daley

877-782-3345 x1228

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Federal contract for a Licensed Massage Therapist - 20 hrs per week. Schedule 8a-4:30p Tues, 8a-12p Weds and 8a-4:30p Thurs.
Services to be provided include direct clinical and research care in a biomedical research environment at the National Institutes of Health. The tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:
•Provide specific evaluation and massage therapy treatment for medically complex patients and provide documentation in the electronic medical record system, Clinical Research Informatics System(CRIS).
•Effective team collaboration in interdisciplinary meetings
•Record basic patient notes, with particular emphasis on documenting specific recommendations and, when appropriate, assure that recommendations are carried out before the patient is discharged.
•Provide quarterly monthly statistics in CRIS and AMS
•Provide consultations with therapists, physicians, and families.
•Participate in data collection as needed.
•Documentation and compliance with RMD Quality Improvement plan and Clinical Center competencies and training.
•Have 3 years of clinical experience in healthcare setting
•Possess a valid state professional license to practice in the State ofMaryland
•Possess current malpractice insurance
•Possess current CPR certification
•Be in good standing within the state licensure board
Covid Vaccination required.
Please forward your resume to schedule an interview.

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