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Tiffany Jordan


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Dear Sir or Madam:

Hillcrest Children and Family Center is a 203 year old behavioral health care agency. We serve children, youth, adults and families in the District. We employ approximately 100 employees that provide quality care for 1500 active clients. During mental health awareness month, we endeavor to provide support to our staff and clients in the form of stress relieving activities and connection to community supports. This year, we will host a Hillcrest Health and Wellness week which offers daily activities to boost mental health. We would like to work with 2 massage therapist from PMTI to provide massages to our clients and employees on one day during that week. We request that massages be done in 10 minute intervals for 2 hours on Thursday, May 16. The time-frame we request is 1 pm to 3 pm. We are flexible with the time,

Hillcrest Center works with the following target populations.
• Children
• At Risk Youth
• Homeless Individuals
• Returning Citizens
• Individuals with Behavioral Health Needs
• Individuals with Disabilities
• Low income Families
• Military Families and Veterans

Please consider joining us as we expand the wellness journey for all Hillcrest clients and staff.


Tiffany Jordan
Director of Development and Community Engagement