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Lisa Goodwin

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My name is Lisa Goodwin and I am the Employee Liason and Lead Massage Therapist at Nusta Spa, the nation's first gold rated eco-spa, located in the Golden Triangle/Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC.

We are currently looking to expand our roster of exceptional massage therapists, and your resume was brought to my attention. I am incredibly proud of the talent that is working at our spa, and I would like to meet with you to see if you might like to join our team.

Nusta offers benefits such as access to Aflac ( insurance programs), vacation, financial aid in studies and licensure, a loyal clientele of career professionals, a 90 day wage guarantee, and a generous signing bonus. Our therapists are in the top bracket of wage earners in the massage profession for Washington DC and the outlying areas. Working at an LEED Gold rated spa ensures that both your work environment and the corporate culture is centered around being beneficial to your personal health - as well as the health of the world we live in.

If you are interested in joining Nusta's family, please email me to arrange an initial meeting.

Have a wonderful day!



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