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Whitney Ortiz


PMTI Job Board Alumni Job Listings

Please Help our 63yo Dear Friend in her Takoma Park MD home * Part-time, Multi-yr Positions

Energetic altruistic professional (adult literacy, refugees, Navajos, etc.); active in Quaker Mtg + ecumenical Church of the Saviour. Then at only 49, suddenly BED-BOUND w/ severe energy disease + 8 types severe pain, now more (none contagious). Still our longtime spiritual, smart, creative, loving friend. Please Apply!
* Home + Life Manager: Lead, admin/computer, organize home+repairs, projects, rides, pers. assist, TLC.
3yrs min, 16 hrs/wk avg (MW: 1-7, F: 4-7pm, occ wknd aft) Laptop, car, cell. $18-21/hr. Apply by 10/14.
* Personal Assistant: Food prep, bathe/hygiene/first aid, house-keep/clean, laundry, TLC. HHA or equiv.
3yrs min, 10 hrs/wk (TuWTh: 6:30-8:30pm, SaSu: 2 hrs aft/eve flex) Car, cell. $15-16/hr. Apply by 11/18.
* Temps Team: * Positions’ Vacations’ fill-in, + late June-Aug 2 x/wk: Projects; * TV-cable-firestick-rokupro; * House/mechanical fix-it pro. All $15-18/hr. * And need longterm volunteers. No applic. deadline.

EMAIL (Subj. line: PD) for: Applic Form, Position Descrips, Requirements:
(fluent Engl., proven exper, car, etc.) || And for info re: lovely Studio Apt + patio facing woods.

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