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The Still Point Spa

Takoma Park



is seeking:



Flexible Hours


Monique Gregory


PMTI Job Board Alumni Job Listings

The Still Point Wellness Spa offers customizable, therapeutic massage treatments unlike any other spa. Our massage and wellness treatments are focused on providing each client with a customized service that focuses on healing as well as relaxation and pampering. We are seeking experienced, diverse and intuitive massage therapists offering a variety of specific massage modalities and techniques while making sure that each client feels nurtured and restored and leaves knowing that self-care in the form of bodywork isn’t just a luxury, but should be a part of their self-care routine. Additionally, we have made many changes conducive to ensuring superior sanitation and safety for both our practitioners and guests. If you are interested and ready to join a dynamic team, while furthering your Massage Therapy expertise, please email or follow the attached link. We look forward to your application.


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