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Damian Forrest


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Hi, my name is Damian Forrest and I am a Special Education teacher at Wheatley Education Campus in NE, Washington. We will be celebrating teacher appreciation week next month and we wanted to see if perhaps we could work out a mutually beneficial arrangement where a few of your students (or willing alumni) come to our elementary school and provide chair massages during this special week on one of the days at lunch and they would, in turn benefit from receiving plenty of willing bodies to work on and maybe even a few tips. My mother was a massage therapist for many years and I've always appreciated the benefits massage therapy can bring to life. I'd love to make sure others experience that and the field continues to flourish. Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if this might be possible....I'd love to help arrange it!

p.s. Wheatley is a Title 1 school is NE DC. We serve an extremely high poverty neighborhood in a high stress environment for grades prek-8th. To say we need massage to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress would be a huge understatement! Thank you in advance!