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Lucille Eddy


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The Teal Center is seeking part-time and full-time Licensed Massage Therapists. New graduates are encouraged to apply and, if accepted, will participate in our fellowship program, which provides one-on-one mentoring with an experienced practitioner along with continuing education opportunities in PNMT, MFR and/or MLD (other options also available).
The Teal Center is a locally-owned, woman-owned wellness center, serving the Northern Virginia and D.C. communities since 1990. Our practice is centered around collaboration with each other as well as with our clients. We understand that everyone’s healing journey is unique and we expect our clients to work with us to achieve their health outcomes.
As an employee of the Teal Center, you will participate in monthly in-house discussions and collaborate with your peers in a structured, but relaxed way. New employees are paid hourly (between $50-$60/hour) with the opportunity to become salaried after six months. Our compensation package includes CEU benefits, sick leave and profit sharing and, once salaried four weeks of Paid Time Off (PTO).
Successful candidates have excellent communication skills, a solid work ethic, and align with our core values of compassion, integrity, and personal responsibility. If you are passionate about healing and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, then our practice would be a perfect fit.



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