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Stacey Loizeaux


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Howdy, and thanks for checking out our job posting!!

We are SUPER-BUSY and looking for some SUPER-AWESOME Maryland-Licensed Massage Therapists for in-studio Body Work services ASAP!! Are you looking for a warm, laid back, inviting space where YOU can be YOU...doing what you love most...all while making some really great money?!? Well, then look no further!!

Here at Truth Mind & Body, we refuse to 'break' our therapists' spirit by forcing them all to give the same-old, boring massage to every single client...(*yaaaawwwnnn*) We want you to bring YOUR style, YOUR flair and YOUR personality to the table each and every time! We know our clients are all different...and so should our therapists be! Variety is, as they say, the spice of life!

We've built an absolutely beautiful 6,000 sq ft studio space here - and we invite you to come be the very best version of YOU. We help to guide our clients to you based on their goals and preferences, but also encourage them to try ALL of our amazingly talented therapists Our Body Work Team currently consists of four (4) VERY experieced Body Workers (between 15-yrs and 25-yrs practicing) who are all willing to share their collective knowledge as well!

Our compensation is VERY competitive - from $36/hr+tips up to $60/hr+tips - depending on your practical experience, how many hours you can commit to weekly and the modalities you'd like to offer!

Head on over to our Body Work Offerings page to see what we charge for different modalities and appointment lengths!

Plus, we've got PERKS!! You'll get you first Float for FREE, then all subsequent Floats for just $20! (P.S. That money goes into a party kitty and when we hit $500 or so, we usually get together for a local happy hour or some other fun group activity!) You'll also get 25% discounts on staffed services (free trades can also be arranged so long as both therapists are off and we have a room available) and select retail, along with unlimited FREE access to Yoga and our Power Down services!

Just hop on our expansive website to learn more about all that we offer (I spent 4-mos writing that's DEEP...and pretty entertaining, I'm told) - or, better yet, swing by for a tour of the joint, meet us face-to-face and see what we're all about!

Maryland-Licensed Massage Therapists only, please!



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