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business name: zen reflexology

number of staff needed: 1

Every customer walk through the door is your “next-door neighbor”.

Be friends with customers and build a small community. We will throw home parties, and run annual celebration event with customers. They get birthday cards from us and unique gifts on important days. We will go beyond a customer-and-merchant relationship and never had to treat customers like products on an assembly line.

We are a new management team in a small massage business that is not only looking for mere growth, but also to build actual relationships with customers and build a community. Include the word moon in the resume so we know you paid attention;). We love to make friends, and we are looking for talents that share similar interests.

We are now looking for a full-time massage therapist.

If you love to make friends and want to develop an actual bond with customers just like we do, then we could be a perfect fit!

Email your resume to zenspa88@gmail.com and we look forward to meeting with you.

Roles & tasks

1. Provide massage services

2. Plan, organize, and host different events with our help and training

3. Participate in continuous training

Income range (estimate): $42,000 – $58,000

Job type: Full-time

Massage Therapy License (required)

Experience Requirement:

No previous experience required – beginner friendly

Supplemental pay: