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Free Lecture by Teacher Bao

Good health is the foundation of a good life, while mind or emotional health is the key to many health problems. How to find the emotional root of disease? How to treat the emotional aspects of many diseases? Through years of painstaking research on consciousness and quantum physics, a leading Chinese scholar in emotional health, Feng-yuan Bao, combines the Eastern philosophy and scientific evidence, and offered some great answers to the question. Based on his own experience and clinical practices, teacher Bao puts forward the theory regarding the Mind-wisdom Energy and Emotional-Soothing Therapy, and offers some easy-to-use methods to dissolve emotional basis of many diseases. For the first time teacher Bao is offering a FREE seminar in the U.S. to explore inner relationship between emotions and illness, and between emotions and life; the highlights of his talk include

Modern people are living a better life, why are there more diseases?
What is mind-wisdom energy and Emotional Soothing Therapy (EST)
Effects of mood-emotion on immunity
Change of your mindset can change your diseases, and your life!
The relationship between cancer and internal subconscious images
Is diabetes really a sugar-phobia?
How Mind-wisdom energy can help you with health and life?

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A case study of EST by Bao is published in International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health (2017).

If you are interested in more training of EST with teacher Bao, you may join the only hand-on training on October 6-7 offered during Teacher Bao's first visit to the U.S.

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