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Post Op Body Sculpting and Lymphatic Drainage Hands On Class

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Course Description
This hands-on class will prepare and equip you to add Post Op Body Sculpting and Lymphatic Drainage to your skill set and practice.
Learn about the Lymphatic System, how it works, what it does and how to help it get moving.
Learn important components of post op care, on conducting appointments, and helpful tips for business promotion and growth
After taking this class you will be able to incorporate post op body sculpting in your practice and start saving your hands and thumbs!
You will learn protocols, ways to position the client and why, how to set up the treatment room, and many other helpful strategies.
Real hands-on technique learning (with real post op clients) also includes wood therapy, and how and when to use this modality.
Massage therapists are severely needed in this area of massage. Post Op is a great modality for saving your thumbs and possibly elongating your massage career!

Learning Objectives
Understanding the Role, Composition and Anatomy of the Lymphatic System
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, aka MLD and what it is all about
Post Op Massage, what is it and what are the benefits?
Understanding your clients’ post op journey
Learn the four components of post op care
Learn about swelling/inflammation aka Fibrosis and scar tissue
How post op body sculpting can change your practice
Managing the post op client relationship
Setting up treatment room and client for post op body sculpting
How to conduct the post op appointment
Different positions for performing post op body sculpting and why
Demonstrations and practice of hands-on techniques for post op and body sculpting, including Wood Therapy, on actual post op clients.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course therapists will be able to
• Perform post op body sculping using hands and wood therapy.
• Conduct post op appointments
• Inform clients on post op care
• Incorporate post op body sculpting into your practice
• Explain the importance and benefits of post op massage
• Educate clients on what to expect and how to get better results in their post op healing journey
• Have a good understanding of the Lymphatic System
• Understanding of other needed supplies

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