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Upcoming: Manual Trigger Point Therapy (CE) Course

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Myopain Seminars is hosting a certification program for Manual Trigger Point Therapists. The MTT Program is a highly practical and immediately applicable series of three three-day

MTT-1 covers the Top 50 Muscles
MTT-2 covers the Upper Body Muscles
MTT-3 covers the Lower Body Muscles

In this intensive course program over 180 muscles of the body are addressed. Courses can be taken in any order. The textbook Myofascial Trigger Points by Drs. Jan Dommerholt and Peter
Huijbregts is required for all courses.

All workshops are designed for licensed healthcare professionals using manual or hands-on techniques to reduce pain and dysfunction, especially licensed massage therapists (LMT).

The MTT workshops provide demonstrations and practical hands-on training using a selection of appropriate manual therapies found to be highly effective in treating myofascial trigger points. All
Myopain Seminars courses features excellent instructor-student ratios. This ratio ensures precise identification and deactivation of each trigger point. Each participant is required to test out on two
randomly chosen muscles at the end of each workshop. (email)
855.209.1832 (phone)

Myopain Seminars, LLC
4405 East West Highway, Suite 401
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4522, USA

MTT Module 1: Feb 7-9, 2020, Bethesda, MD or Aug 21-23, 2020, Bethesda, MD

MTT Module 2: Apr 24-26, 2020 Bethesda, MD or Oct 2-4, 2020, Bethesda, MD

MTT Module 3: Dec 4-6, 2020, Bethesda, MD

Contact (if applicable):

8380 Colesville Road, Suite 600 • Silver Spring, MD 20910    (202) 686-7046
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