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Educator Wellness Opportunity

Price:  $


We NEED you. Leckie Education Campus, a DC Public School (Grades PK3 thru 8th), serves a unique population of youth from Ward 8 and Bolling Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling military families.

The Teachers and Staff @ Leckie work tirelessly to educate and support students and their families. Many of our students are experiencing traumatic stress (including poverty, homelessness, child abuse/neglect, divorce, and more). We would like to give back to these dedicated individuals.

To support their wellness and possibly expand your business, we are looking for massage therapists to provide a few hours of mini sessions. We value your time and service, so the date is flexible, as long as it's on a school day.

Much Gratitude,

Mrs. Mayo-King, MSW, LICSW
Clinical School Social Worker/Wellness Team Lead


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