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Treatment Space Available - Kensington, MD

Price:  $

Treatment/Office Space Available

Would you like to collaborate and cross refer with other healthcare practitioners? We have 4 beautiful treatment rooms available in Kensington, MD — free parking for providers and clients with a separate back entrance.

Our practice is ideally suited for healthcare professionals - massage therapists, energy healing, chiropractor, counseling, psychotherapy, naturopathic doctor, clinical social worker, reiki practitioner, aesthetician, or other client-centered practices.

This office/treatment rental opportunity offers the option to rent one or multiple treatment rooms. A discounted rate is available for those interested in renting multiple rooms.

Monthly Rates
$240/month (one-day)
$480/month (two-days)
$720/month (three-days)
$960/month (four-days)

Please reach out to to explore this opportunity.


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