This one-of-a-kind training program ​packs the entire Trager® training process, which usually takes 2-3 years, into three 4-month modules with lots of support and mentorship. Over the course of the modules, participants in the program will meet monthly, and get together for occasional practice days, to learn, practice, and ultimately apply for certification as Trager Practitioners. The course provides a total of 252 hours of Continuing Education (CEUs).

The Trager​®​ Approach

Movement Therapy and Mind Body Integration, developed by Milton Trager, MD, reminds us of what is possible – lightness, freedom, and ease. The approach uses Movement and Touch to converse with unconscious patterns and facilitate a relaxed and enlivened mental attitude, body structure, movement and posture. Working with both playfulness and respect, you will learn to improve use of your own body and mind to better support your bodywork practice.

The Trager​® ​Certification Training

The program is designed for students in the fields of massage therapy, physical therapy, body-centered psychotherapy, fitness training, yoga, and other somatic practices who want to offer Trager®​ ​as a primary modality in their practice. Each weekend workshop will introduce a wide variety of manual movement facilitation skills, starting from the simple and easy, moving into the robust and the subtle. You will learn specific protocols for practice – supine, prone, side-lying, standing, walking, sitting, and applications for common client issues. Ethical and effective professional relationships are of utmost importance, and will be discussed and taught in tandem with the techniques. Being certified allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, the US Trager Association lists practitioners on its website as part of its referral network.

Program prerequisites:

  1. One day introductory workshop and receive a professional Trager session

  2. OR receive at least two professional Trager® sessions

    Experience has shown that receiving a series of sessions before taking the training makes the learning process easier. 

It is not necessary to be a massage therapist to enroll in this course, but in some states, including MD and DC, a license to touch is required to practice Trager®​ ​professionally.

For maximum learning, it is recommended that students enroll in the entire training program, and there is a significant reduction in cost for those who do. But it is also possible to enroll in individual workshops, paying for each one separately, as long as prerequisites are met.

The start date of this 12-month program has been delayed due to precautions around COVID-19.

New dates will be announced when it is determined safe to start.

Coursework Includes:

  • ​One three-day weekend per month (Friday-Sunday)

  • Optional practice days each month

  • ​Video viewing, short clips for review of material taught

  • ​Short writing assignments

  • 30 Logged practice sessions (each 4-month module)

  • 10 sessions received, 2 of which must be from Trager practitioners (each 4-month module)

  • 8 Individual Tutorials for support and review

  • 2 Recommending Tutorials at completion of all 3 modules.

These recommendations plus completion of fieldwork are required to apply to the United States Trager® Association for Certification as Trager® Practitioner

Expectations of time and resources:

  • Thirty-six classroom days over 12 months

  • Approximately nine additional hours per week to study, write assignments, view videos, schedule tutorials, and to give and receive practice sessions

Costs for the full program:

  • ​Registration Fee: $150.00 (paid separately with enrollment)

  • Basic Program cost,​ includes class tuitions, membership in the United States Trager Association and the Trager International Handbook:

    • $5,344 if enrolled by July 6, 2020 (special discount for currently enrolled PMTI students only)

    • $5,494 if enrolled by August 4, 2020

    • ​$5,644 if enrolled after August 4, 2020

    • Additional costs for 10 tutorials and 6 professional sessions-- approximately $1950 paid directly to Practitioners (some students may need more) and 3 books - $55

Payment plan:

  • 12 monthly payments of $494 starting Sept. 1, 2020
    (includes 5% simple interest)

  • Registration Fee: $150.00 (paid separately with enrollment)

Required Books:

  • Moving Medicine ($20)

  • Mentastics: Movement as a Way to Agelessness ($20)

  • Question of Ease ($15)

  • Trager® Handbook (included in program cost and delivered online)


For further information about the program, contact: ​

Roger Tolle 434-227-6934​ | ​  

2020-2021 Schedule


1 weekend per month:

All classes Friday - Sunday

10:00am - 6:00pm


Weekend 1

Trager 1 (Part 1)

Weekend 2

Trager 1 (Part 2)

Weekend 3


Weekend 4


Scheduled Practice Days



Sundays, 10am - 6pm

1 Sunday per month

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The Trager® Training Program at PMTI


Taught by Roger Tolle

Assisted by Aleen Seidel and Robbin Phelps

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