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8701 Georgia Ave., Suite 700

Silver Spring, MD  20910

(202) 686 - 7046  •

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The PMTI store is closed until further notice.

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About PMTI Student Massage Services

PMTI regularly receives calls for student massage services, for all kinds of events, requesting they work at no cost or at a reduced rate.  Because all student practice requirements are pre-planned and are carefully designed to support specific objectives throughout the course of study, PMTI is typically unable to accommodate such requests.


Should you wish to list an event as a volunteer opportunity for a PMTI graduate, however, you may send information about the event to, and we will post your notice for our graduates to view. Please note that PMTI plays no part in coordinating services for such events. If a graduate is interested in working with you, they will contact you directly. Due to the high volume of requests received, we cannot guarantee that any single event will garner a response. It is suggested that you submit your notice at least 6 weeks in advance.

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