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Our Sustaining Goals 
  • Training students in the fundamentals of professional massage therapy practice.

  • Offering massage and health enhancement workshops and programs for the community.

  • Sponsoring entry-level and advanced professional training in related bodywork modalities.

  • Promoting professionalism in the practice of massage therapy through participation in local and national educational and legislative activities.

Our Unique Philosophy

PMTI's curriculum and teaching methods blend scientific study of anatomy with the artful practice of massage therapy techniques that develop the sensitivite use of touch. Through our program students learn to be aware of the entire body and to engage each client in the process of holistic healing. Students learn to interact with other health care professionals, while at the same time maintaining their focus on working with their clients as integrated and multi-faceted individuals.


Furthermore, our system of teaching bodywork supports our students’ unique inner health and growth processes by recognizing and encouraging the unity of the body, mind and spirit. We believe that massage and bodywork are vital to body awareness and healing, and our programs are designed to reflect the unity of the art and science in massage therapy. While classes at PMTI are serious and structured, we also encourage personal development in our students…and, we believe in the spirit that learning is fun! 


Our Values

We flourish by judiciously cultivating new opportunities and resources to ensure our financial success. The wellspring of our passion, spirit, knowledge, dedication and experience sustains our work.

We encircle our students with support, respect and encouragement to ensure their personal and professional growth and development. Our commitment to our students continues beyond their graduation as we strive to nurture our graduates’ continued professional growth and involvement in PMTI’s family. We carry our circle with us into the community so all can experience our abundance of spirit and resources.

We honor and celebrate the mind-body-spirit connection of our students, our staff, our school and our community. We nourish a spirit of imagination as a foundation for investigating, innovating and expanding the practice, business and art of massage therapy.

We continually seek ways for our staff, students, clients and community partners to work productively together while making the most efficient use of resources.

Ethical Professionalism
We instill a foundation of critical thinking as a cornerstone of ethical practice for our graduates and staff. We actively participate in the continual development, evaluation and improvement of standards for massage therapy.

We hold ourselves responsible for living up to our ideals by applying our values to everything we do. We manage and direct our activities in accordance with these values and regularly evaluate our process and performance.

We build and foster cooperative partnerships to further our growth and excellence. We enthusiastically pioneer new business avenues that enrich the community and nurture our abundance.

We continuously harness the wisdom of our experience to shape opportunities and creatively resolve challenges in our work and in our world.


As mindful educators, we strive to create open eyes, open minds, and open hearts by consistently seeking clarity in our work, by evaluating the impact of our efforts, and by exploring changes to support our conscious evolution. 
We really do love what we do! PMTI has been teaching massage therapy and bodywork for over 40 years. Our faculty and staff are passionate about the work highly trained to offer the best educational experience possible for students, bodyworkers and the general public. We are widely known for going the "extra mile" to help students achieve their educational goals.

Our History

PMTI is very proud of its long history and our reputation for being one of the best schools for learning how to become a massage therapist. We place great emphasis on the difference between "doing" massage and "becoming" a massage therapist. Over the years, we have steadfastly remained dedicated to teaching this difference by offering high quality curriculum taught by a diverse and talented faculty and supported by an efficient, dedicated administrative staff. As a result, we continue to receive accolades for our ability to maintain a philosophy of education that emphasizes professionalism and, at the same time, focuses on integrating mind, body and spirit.

PMTI was established in 1976 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide career training in the art and science of massage therapy. Since then, PMTI has graduated over 3,000 students in massage therapy and is one of the few remaining non-profit massage schools in the country. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain a philosophy of education that emphasizes professionalism and, at the same time, focuses on integrating mind, body and spirit and the individual experience of each student.


Our Professional Training Program is carefully designed to prepare graduates for professional practice. Graduates of our program are able to tailor each massage therapy session to the individual needs of the client. This client-centered approach is stressed throughout the program at PMTI and is an aspect of our training that allows our students and graduates to utilize their massage skills with sensitivity and compassion. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our continuing emphasis on body dynamics, teaching our students to perform bodywork with less effort and greater care of self. We believe that graduates should be able to perform massage for as long as they would like without work-related injury. 

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