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Massage Clinic Reviews

Caroline S.

Delicate, wonderful, healing energy. Powerful energy in her hands. Her personality was inspiring & focused. Exceptional balance throughout. 


[Student] spent a lot of time really digging into my tension spots in my neck and shoulders, which is exactly what I asked for! He communicated a lot about pressure and made sure I was ok throughout. Excellent, thanks!


Excellent pressure and covered all the areas I requested. 

Keep up the great work! Definitely want to come back for more sessions.

Sally S.

What did you like best and why?

Firm, full strokes with sensitivity. Compression on feet. 

As an active massage therapist I enjoy so much about my sessions in the clinic. I learn something new each time and/or am reintroduced to a technique/stroke I have forgotten. 

Taryn W.

She listened to my concerns about my pain in certain areas and made sure to take extra care when working on those areas. I also liked that she gave me feedback on what she did as we were walking out. Thank you so much! I really needed this massage.

Dixie S.

[What did you like best and why?]

The mix of firm and mild strokes on face & stomach. Encouraging to take breaths. Asked about the temp and music- very good.


Great communication and use of pressure.

Laura W.

Very fluid movements, also loved the variety of movement. Wonderful and very relaxing as always.


The whole session was great. Thank you for your service. I am feeling great, renewed!

Leah D.

Good face work, nice pressure, found areas of trouble without prior discussion. 


[Student] was able to find my "weak spots" and she worked on them with superb expertise, particularly on the lower back & piriformis. Her pressure was perfect. She was amazing. Definitely the best student massage I have had. And even better than many salon massages. BRAVO!

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