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Graduate Clinic

Our Graduate Clinic offers skillful massages from our graduates at $65 for 55-60 minutes. This clinical experience offers our clients a choice of qualified practitioners who have recently completed their training, and are offering massages at a fee lower than the usual professional rate. These practitioners benefit by gaining experience in the business aspects of private practice, and the professional aspects of building relationships with multiple clients.


Graduate clinic massages are private and offered seven days a week all year round, except some nationally recognized holidays.


Graduate Clinic Massage, 55-60 minutes: $65.00

Student Clinic

Our Student Clinic offers 55-60 minute sessions of supervised Swedish massage by Intermediate (Segment 2) students or our Advanced (Segment 3) students for $45*.  In the Student Clinic, our primary focus is to give our students hands-on experience working with a diverse population in a clinical environment. Our students-in-training practice and refine the skills they learn in the classroom.  Because the Clinic is a component of our Professional Training Program, PMTI can offer massage more economically than in many professional practices.


Note: Student massages are observed by instructors and other students through a discreet window (curtains are closed during client's dressing and undressing). These sessions are only available while classes are in session, generally Wednesdays through Saturdays.

*Specific therapists may not be requested by gender or level of training. Additionally, pre-natal clients and clients with serious medical issues are not seen in the Student Clinic.  We are happy to see you in the Graduate Clinic.  We do appreciate your patronage.*


Student Clinic Massage, 55-60 minutes: $45.00

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