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Sunday, 9/2, 1pm-4pm


Jenn O'Connor


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Accomplishment Coaching coaches’ training program in Washington, D.C. is excited to partner with local licensed massage therapists as part of one of our upcoming program weekends. This is an opportunity for therapists to be paid to market their services, to highlight the value of massage therapy to training participants, and to build their business with new potential clients. About Accomplishment Coaching: Accomplishment Coaching is an ontological coaches’ training program accredited by the International Coach Federation and delivers the highest standard of life coach training to students around the world. The word Ontological means "Way of Being." As a program, Accomplishment Coaching trains Being-based coaches and leaders to bring forth greatness in people's lives by evoking awareness and promoting new actions to create powerful results. The Opportunity: The Coaches’ Training Program is a year-long curriculum and each month has a theme. September 1st– 2ndis the second month of the program in D.C. and is Well-Being month. What we want to bring into the training room is a surprise opportunity for the coach training participants to receive a 20 minute chair massage, paid for by Accomplishment Coaching. We are requesting your support to create this opportunity. The Commitment: What it would look like is a three hour commitment to be in the room with our participants and leaders on Sunday, September 2nd, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm EST, with setup happening at 12:45 pm. Training is held at the Polaris suite of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 200004) Therapists would need to bring their own massage chairs. Massages would be for 20 minutes per participant. The Benefit: Accomplishment Coaching will pay $45.00/hour plus 20% tip for your services. Therapists would submit an invoice, including their license and tax ID number, for the total number of therapists and the number of hours they worked and include a 20% tip on the invoice. The invoice is made out to “Accomplishment Coaching”. Our finance department would then send you a payment for services. Therapists will be paid to market your services to potential new clients in participants and program leaders and will also be able to observe some of our high level training in the room. As an ontological program, Accomplishment Coaching coaches frequently integrate referrals to other providers for well-being services, include massage, therapy, yoga, and other holistic opportunities. Many of our participants and leaders are based in the DC area and this could be an opportunity to connect your business to their referral networks. The Enrollment: Contact Jenn O'Connor with Accomplishment Coaching if this is something you want to be involved with, at (404-992-9110) Or Elena Arecco Bridgmon 803-331-2528