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The Trager® Certification Training Program
Starting August 10, 2023
at Blueberry Gardens Healing Center, Ashton MD 20861

The Trager® Approach
Learning through Movement and Touch

Trager® and The Dancing Cloud
logo are registered service
of Trager International.

For your Clients
Dissolves Poor Movement Habits
Reduces Pain and Restriction
Increases Ease and Openness
Teaches Natural Alignment
Frees Fuller Breathing
Opens Creativity and Expression

For You
Builds Efficient Work Habits
Trains You in Lighthearted Ease
Brings Power to Your Presence
Connects You to the Source
Balances Peacefulness/Aliveness
Lifetime Self-Development

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The Trager® Approach to Somatic Movement Education and Therapy was developed by Milton Trager, MD over a lifetime of practice. The work reminds us of what is possible – lightness, freedom, and ease for body and mind. The approach uses presence, touch and movement to converse with unconscious patterns and facilitate a relaxed and enlivened mental attitude, a freer body structure, and more fluid movement. You’ll work with both playfulness and respect in reaching clients deeply. And you’ll learn to improve use of your own body and mind to better support your bodywork practice. View this video about the work:

The Trager® Certification Training Program is designed for students in the fields of massage therapy, physical therapy, body-centered psychotherapy, fitness training, yoga, and other somatic practices who want to offer Trager® as a primary modality in their practice. 

Each weekend workshop will introduce a wide variety of manual movement facilitation skills, starting from the simple and easy, moving into the robust and the subtle. You will learn specific protocols to help make your practice time rich and rewarding whether your practice partners are supine, prone, side-lying, sitting, standing, or walking. You will develop effective approaches for common client issues. Ethical and effective professional relationships are of utmost importance, and will be discussed and taught in tandem with the techniques.


Being certified allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, the US Trager Association lists practitioners on its website as part of its referral network, and supports entry into the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. 
This one-of-a-kind training program, developed by Roger Tolle, packs the entire Trager® training process, which usually takes 2-3 years, into three 6-month modules with lots of support and mentorship. Over the course of the modules, participants in the program will meet monthly, both in person and on Zoom to learn, practice, and ultimately apply for certification as Trager® Practitioners. The program provides a total of 252 hours of Continuing Education (CEUs) for massage therapists.

Mr. Tolle will be supported by guest faculty who bring diverse backgrounds, exemplary professional practice experience, and compassionate presence. To further enrich students’ learning, we’ll have a rotating team of seasoned Tutors and enthusiastic assistants. 

For maximum learning, it is recommended that students enroll in the entire training program, and there is a significant increase in learning support and reduction in cost for those who do. But it is also possible to enroll in individual workshops, paying for each one separately, as long as prerequisites are met. See details below or contact

Program prerequisites:

Attend at least one Trager workshop and receive a professional Trager session, or receive at least two professional Trager sessions. Experience has shown that receiving a series of sessions before taking the training makes the learning process easier. It is not necessary to be a massage therapist to enroll in this course, but in some states, including MD and DC, a license to touch is required to practice Trager professionally.

Program begins August 10, 2023 
Register with PMTI by July 14, 2023 for $300 discount

Coursework includes: 
Eight long weekends (Thursday-Sunday) and Sunday Supervised Practice Days alternating by the month (see schedule below)
Monthly Zoom meetings to get support and guidance with at home practice, as well as to discuss study material and online viewing including:

  • Six Modules of Tragerology, the brilliant work of Physical Therapist and Trager Practitioner, Eileen Dickinson that connects new paradigms in Science with the subtle art of Trager

  • Roger Tolle’s light and elegant Review Videos for each level of training

  • The Trager International Handbook

  • Study Guides for each level of training

  • Books about and by Milton Trager, MD


Fieldwork includes:

  • 30 Logged practice sessions (in each of the 3 modules), 

  • 10 sessions received, 2 of which must be from Trager practitioners (in each of the 3 modules)

  • 8 Individual Tutorials for support and review throughout the program

  • Short writing assignments and self-assessments

  • 2 Recommending Tutorials at completion of the program. These recommendations plus completion of fieldwork are required to apply to the United States Trager® Association for Certification as Trager® Practitioner 


Expectations of time and resources:

  • Forty-two classroom days over 17 months 

  • Approximately four additional hours per week to study, write assignments, view videos, schedule tutorials, and to give and receive practice sessions.

Program Costs

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $150.00

Paid separately with registration at the front desk, or contact Jennifer Brennan, PMTI Continuing Education and Workshops Coordinator at

Tuition: $6,900

Includes class tuition, membership in the United States Trager Association, the Trager International Handbook, Study Guides, Tragerology learning segments, and Review Videos for each module.

– $300 discount for recent PMTI graduates (within 2 years)

– $300 discount for registration by July 14, 2023


Payment Options

  • Option 1 -  $2300 per module, payable on 8/1/2023, 2/1/2024, and 8/1/2024

  • Option 2 - $435/month, by automatic debit on the first of the month, for 17 months. This includes 5% carrying cost.


Required Books

  • Moving Medicine ($20)

  • Mentastics: Movement as a Way to Agelessness ($20)

  • Question of Ease ($15)


Additional costs

During the year you will need at least 8 tutorials and 6 professional sessions (some students may need more) approximately $2,100 paid directly to Practitioners. 

For further information about the program, contact 
Roger Tolle:

434-227-6934 |  |

2023-2024 Schedule​ ​

In person classes – 252 hours

Each Training Weekend

Thurs - 5.5 hours, 10:30-1:00, 2:30-5:30

Fri - 7 hours, 9:00-1:00, 2:30-5:30

Sat - 7 hours, 9:00-1:00, 2:30-5:30

Sun – 4.5 hours, 9:00-11:30, 12:30-2:30

Each Supervised Practice Day

10:00-12:30, 2:00-5:30

Aug 10-13, 2023

Level 1A – 24 hours

Foundational principles, session practice protocol and supine tablework

Sept 10, 2023

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

Oct 12-15, 2023

Level 1B– 24 hours

Additional principles and prone tablework

Nov 12, 2023

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

Dec 7-10, 2023

Level 1C – 24 hours

Seated and side-lying practice guidelines

Jan 14, 2024

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

Feb 8-11, 2024

Level 2A – 24 hours

Adaptations and variations

Mar 10, 2024

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

April 11-14, 2024

Level 2B – 24 hours

Adaptations and variations

May 5, 2024

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

June 13-16, 2024

Level 2C: – 24 hours

Dancing Within: Deepening Personal Mentastics and Transforming Client Connections

July 14, 2024

Sunday Supervised Practice – 6 hours

Aug 8-11, 2024

Level 3A – 24 hours

Building client-centered sessions

Sept 8, 2024

Sunday Supervised Clinical Practice – 6 hours

Oct 17-20, 2024

Level 3B – 24 hours

Educating the public and leading groups

Nov 10, 2024

Sunday Supervised Clinical Practice – 6 hours

Dec 7-8, 2024

Supervised Clinical Practice and Program Wrap Up – 12 hours

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