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Along with nutrition, rest, and exercise, the use of proper Body Dynamics in performing massage or any modality of bodywork is a key component of self-care and injury prevention for therapists. It also contributes to a greater understanding and deeper relationship with the client and the tissue. In his article “Star of Depth” (Sept 2004), Thomas Meyers spoke of the importance of proper body dynamics to support the goal of using “the absolute minimum force to get the job done while maintaining maximum sensitivity to the many levels of the client’s state ….”   In this class you will have the opportunity to:

  • Review the basic principles of body dynamics

  • Identify some of the more common misaligned positions that contribute to discomfort/injury

  • Do exchanges with participants to identify any current alignment challenges you may have, practice alternatives and give supportive feedback to other participants



  • Loose comfortable clothing appropriate for movement and doing massage

  • Full set of linens for receiving massage – bottom & top sheets, 2 pillow cases, and 2 hand towels

  • Appropriate shoes for movement and/or massage

  • BioTone oil is provided in classroom. If you prefer to bring your own lotion or oil, please do not bring any scented products.

  • Water bottle

Note: This class is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Proper Body Dynamics is a key component to total self-care and is not intended to take the place of any other appropriate treatment. If you are currently under care for an injury that is limiting your activity to do massage or bodywork, you should not take this class until limitations have been lifted.  


Check out ATTEND A WORKSHOP to see when the next class is occurring. 

Body Dynamics

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