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Connected Leaders Academy (CLA) Global Summit

Price:  $

Fee or Donation-based

The Connected Leaders Academy is elated to announce it will be hosting the forthcoming CLA Global Summit on May 3-5, 2024 in Rockville, MD. This event aims to unite industry front-runners, thinkers, and academy attendees for an immersive series of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The summit is set to offer a platform for deliberating on the future of leadership and discovering new strategies to address the challenges of the modern era. Therefore, the CLA invites more entrepreneurs to join the 200+ committed attendees to attend this upcoming LIVE event. Seeking attendees as 80% of the attendees are from the local area. Additionally, we are seeking vendors who would like to provide massages for the clients as a paid or donation service on all three days. Reach out to Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller at 419-722-6931 to learn more. If she doesn't answer, please text.


Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, 419-722-6931,

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