Why does my back hurt?

A story of Hellerwork®

A new client came into my office walking very gingerly, obviously in pain. With a grimace Bill lowered himself into a chair. He looked over at me and said, ”All I did was sneeze”. His next question was familiar to me. “Why does my back hurt so much”? Bill’s situation is not unusual.

In fact most of my clients don’t end up in pain because of a serious accident or traumatic injury. Another client told me about taking a short hike and the next day her knee was swollen up like a balloon and very painful. She pleaded her case, “It was not a very hard hike, why does my knee hurt?”

Most injuries and pain conditions accumulate over time. Our bodies absorb small injuries all the time. Old sports injuries, falls, car accidents, lifting heavy boxes, tripping off the curb, several days of heavy gardening...

Our body absorbs these small injuries day after day year after year. Joseph Heller says that the condition of our body is the accumulated history of our lives. It tells the story of all we have been through good, bad, and ugly. All the traumas large and small both physical and emotional shape our structure/posture.

The human body is a master of adaptation and compensation. It will compensate for injuries by protecting, bracing, and shifting. Muscles will tighten, weight bearing will shift to the uninjured side, the pelvis will twist, the spine will tilt, and on and on.